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Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond the handing over of a home. Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond the handing over of a home. By providing comprehensive, 3-year maintenance for our properties we take full responsibility for quality.

We offer a comprehensive package of maintenance services that ensure competent and timely care for your home for a period of approximately fifteen years. Our focus on preventive maintenance is cost-effective and prudent as it brings down the need for repairs, extends life expectancy of components and reduces consumption of energy.


As part of our housekeeping services, we take care of garbage clearance and disposal. Attention is paid to general cleanliness and upkeep of the premises. This includes ensuring proper drainage in terrace and basement areas, pump rooms, driveways, water bodies and reservoirs and other common spaces including corridors. We also ensure regular water supply to all homes. In the event of regular supplies being disrupted, we make efforts to arrange water from alternate sources.


Teams of well-trained security personnel, either employed directly by us or engaged through professional security agencies, provide round-the-clock security. We also provide backup for all surveillance and access-control devices.


Comprehensive maintenance contracts with vendors of generators and pumps ensure timely service and backup for critical equipment.


The maintenance plan includes upkeep of all recreational spaces and amenities including the pool, gymnasium and play area.


Maintenance of conveniences like sewage treatment plant, backup power supply, lighting-control, access-control, access roads and ventilation in the basements, fall within the plan. It also includes care of common landscaped areas.


A non-refundable fee is collected from every homeowner at the time of purchase towards subscription for the maintenance plan. A notional interest is paid on this amount every year.

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